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The Peace Tax Seven


The content of these sites does not necessarily represent the opinions of the PEACE TAX SEVEN or of the seven individually.

Main Sponsors

Conscience - The Peace Tax Campaign
Conscience campaigns for the right for those with a conscientious objection to war to have the military part of their taxes spent on peace building initiatives. Conscience works mainly through parliamentary lobbying and supporting those who decide to withhold their taxes.

Public Interest Lawyers
PIL provides a quality and specialist legal service to individuals and groups around the world on legal matters of public interest. International practice areas include international law, international humanitarian law, international human rights law, international environmental law and international criminal law. In the UK our practice areas include public law, human rights law, environmental law and planning law.

Links directory pages

Activist Network - A comprehensive source for getting involved in all kinds of campaigns for change.
CND - Their comprehensive links page on nuclear weapons and disarmament
NfP links page
Better World Links - Peace
Guardian links

Peace Tax Campaigns

Netzwerk-Friedenssteuer - German peace tax campaign
War Resisters League
National War Tax Resisters Coordinating Committee

National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund
Conscience and Peace Tax International

Central Committee for Conscientious Objection

Peace Organisations

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament UK
Scottish CND
Welsh CND
Irish CND
Youth and Student CND
Stop The War Coalition
- British American Security Information Council
excellent source of up-to-date info on the current state of the world
Campaign for the Accountability of US Bases - What it says in the title!
Cymdeithas y Cymod yng Nghymru
Fellowship of Reconciliation in Wales is part of an international, spiritually-based movement composed of people who, from the basis of a belief in the power of love and truth to create justice and restore community, commit themselves to active nonviolence as a way of life and as a means of transformation: personal, social, economic and political.
ministry for peace - Organisation to form a civil Commission for Peace and appoint a Minister for Peace who would advise all government departments.
Movement for the Abolition of War
- founded by Bruce Kent, strong links to UNA
Campaign Against the Arms Trade
- movement to expose corruption and ban the arms trade in Britain
Peace Pledge Union
Womens League for Peace and Freedom
Scottish Centre for Nonviolence
Peace Direct
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation
Trident Ploughshares
Women in Black
United Nations Association
Safer World
International Action Network on Small Arms

Other Organisations with a Peace Campaign

Our World Our Say
Christian Aid
Friends of the Earth

New Economics Foundation
Amnesty International
Green Net
Woodcraft Folk

Specialists Against War

Specialists' reports on the medical, social and environmental impact of war
Scientists for Global Responsibility
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Nuclear Free Local Authorities

Non Violent Alternatives to War

Training in non-violent methods of conflict resolution and negotiation
Department of Peace Studies, Bradford University
Oxford Research Group
Peace Brigades International
Peaceworkers UK
Alternatives to Violence Project - Britain
Bradford Peace Museum

Religious Bodies for Peace

Quakers in Britain
Quakers in America
Northern Friends Peace Board
Quaker Council for European Affairs
Quaker United Nations Organisation
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Quakers)
Anglican Pacifist Fellowship
Pax Christi
Fellowship of Reconciliation
The Gandhi Foundation
Churches Together in Britain & Ireland

Media Links

Peace News
Positive News
Media Lens
Undercurrents News Network

Individual Campaigners

The Picket Line
Philosophical site of Dave Croft. Views and discussion about freedom and taxation.