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The Peace Tax Seven

Hereford Times
Thursday January 27 2005
Why I will not pay tax

A HEREFORD teacher who refused to pay 10% of his income tax bill as a protest against theallied invasion of Iraq, has been ordered to cough up by magistrates.

Joe Jenkins, a self-employed writer from Green Street who also teaches at Haywood High School, was told by Hereford magistrates on Monday he had seven days to pay the remaining £629.93 of his tax bill.

He had asked if his money could go towards a global conflict prevention pool as his moral sense would not allow him to help fund the British military in their current situation.

"I do feel, as a matter of conscience, disturbed to think that my money has gone to buy cluster bombs for this illegal war in Iraq," he said.

Chairman of the bench, Barry Durkin, told Jenkins that although he understood his position on the war, the court must find in favour of the Inland Revenue and uphold the order for him to pay the outstanding monies.
Tax rebel Joe Jenkins
Monday's case was the second time he had been taken to court for withholding part of his taxes, owing to the conflict in Iraq.

He previously paid an outstanding 10% when he faced the prospect of bailiffs in the spring of 2003.

He said he would consult his wife before deciding whether to pay this latest order.

Joe Jenkins is a member of the Peace Tax Seven - a group trying to change the law by allowing people the right not to pay taxes for military purposes.

It claims the current law breaks the European Convention on Human Rights by failing to recognise freedom of thought, conscience and religion.