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The Peace Tax Seven

Bangor, North Wales 22nd September 2006

Sian Cwper of PEACE TAX SEVEN organised this gig, in a barnlike building, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It attracted a huge audience, raised over £600 for PT7 and was a roaring success for everyone. The impressive line-up featured the successful group Estella, supported by Mim Twm Llai, Yr Annioddefol, Di Pravinho, Pwsi Meri Mew, Cowbois Rhos Botwnog, Gwibdaith Yr Hen Fran, Ellie Glitch and Simon Heywood all of whom gave of their best for no fee in support of PT7. We are extremely grateful to all of them

Pwsi Meri Mew get the party swinging Simon Heywood belts out another round of 'Gulf War Re-enactment'
Two 'taxmen' join the festivities. "This is much more fun than writing threatening letters and siezing non-payer's goods" said one.

No, they weren't wearing their old school uniform. These are our Taxman t-shirts printed for the campaign.
The main act, Estella play the late night revellers into the early hours

And a good time was had by all

Estella: http://www.estella.org.uk
Hendre Hall: http://www.hendre.welshnet.co.uk
Mim Twm Llai: http://www.mimtwmllai.com